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ASI Car Wash Soap is specifically designed to put a lasting luster on the painted surfaces of the vehicle while being easy to apply. Our exclusive formula is made from the best ingredients available to provide unsurpassed shine, while cleaning your cars paint.

This professional-strength formula gives results without the effort usually associated with a quality wax. Application is simple: wipe it on with a clean, cotton cloth, allow to haze slightly, then wipe it off with another clean cotton cloth. You don't even have to wait for it to dry.

Incredible Results

ASI Car Wash Soap quickly and easily removes Dirt and Grime from your paint. The paint's luster is brought out, producing a glossy shine while Cleaning the vehicle's paint. Combine it with ASI Wash and Wax between waxing's, and the vehicle will maintain a showroom-like finish. It's truly an unbeatable combination.

Product Sizes & Availability
 * 1 Gallon Jugs
 * ASI Car Wash Soap is available now.
 Product Features
 * Easy application
 * High-gloss, professional results
 * Protection that lasts and lasts
 * Highest quality ingredients
 * Restores shine to tired paint
 * Oxidation is removed automatically
 * Luster easily maintained with ASI Wash and Wax