Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carnauba Wax?
Carnauba is the hardest natural occurring wax available. Carnauba is primarily harvested from palm trees in Brazil. Carnauba Wax is used as a vehicle wax because it is one of the hardest naturally occurring waxes. When applied to vehicle bodywork will give a lasting, durable and highly glossy shine. The effect of Carnauba Wax is to help to further disguise any swirl marks or micro scratches in the paint. Carnauba Wax has a similar visual effect of wet paint so on a well maintained paint surface it can be stunning. ASI Chemical Inc. uses only the highest quality #1 yellow Carnauba Wax, in Snap Seal Waterless Wash & Wax and High Gloss Car Wax. The use of Carnauba Wax provides protection against the environment as well as adding gloss to your car's finish.

Do car waxes provide real UV Protection?
Your car should suffer no major UV damage and the paint will be protected over the normal course of its life if you wash and wax it regularly. The top layers of paint contain UV-protection agents from the paint manufacture and the primary goal of our wax (Snap Seal Waterless Car Wash & Wax and High Gloss Wax) is to protect those top layers. So if you take care of the paint you presently have this will go further to protect your vehicle’s finish. Don’t let other companies fool you into thinking that it is the UV protection in a wax that protects the finish on your car from fading. Just simply taking care of your vehicle with regular washing and waxing is the absolute best preventative maintenance.

How long does a coating of wax last?
How long a coat of wax will last depends on many things: Surface Preparation, Local Environment, Paint Condition, Outside Exposure, Quality of Wax, and the type of Car Wash Soap used. Some types of soap will remove the wax. Snap Seal Waterless Car Wash & Wax cleans, polishes, waxes and protects in one easy step. Snap Seal will give the surface of your car a show room shine that lasts for weeks. Snap Seal saves time and is designed to be used without water. It can be used as often as you would like. Each time you are assured a clean, quality, showroom shine that will outlast any competitor product. With the busy lifestyles that people live these days, who has the time to spend hours washing and waxing a car? We guarantee if you try Snap Seal Waterless Car Wash and Wax just once, you’ll be amazed of how well it works and how easy it is to apply. All you have to do is just simply spray or wipe it on, and then wipe it off with another dry, soft cloth. It’s that simple.

Are products that contain silicone bad for my car’s finish?
Products that contain silicone are not bad for the finish of your car. Many automotive paints all over the world contain silicone as an ingredient to help the paint to spray and flow more evenly and smoothly. The concerns people have about silicones and products than contain silicones date back 50 years ago. If the car surface was not properly prepared, residual silicones on the surface or in the environment of the shop could cause adhesion problems on the surface and cause what is referred to as Fish Eyes in the paint.
Fish Eyes are small, circular craters that appear in the finish where paint piles up in a circle surrounding a point on the surface. Usually some type of wax, grease, or silicone creates high surface tension, and does not allow the freshly applied paint to stick or adhere properly. Instead of the paint staying flat over these contaminants, the paint moves away and forms a ring that has a visual appearance of what is described as a “Fish Eye”.
With the advances in technology, the problems that painters faced 50 years ago are easier to address today with modern painting prepping chemicals, shop environments, paint additives, and education. Formal training programs were not available 50 years ago. Today there are hundreds of certified schools that specialize in formal, professional education for the automotive industry and paint manufacturers to provide in-depth training for anyone who uses their paint systems.
Today, the professionals in the refinishing industry understand that a majority of the paintwork they do is on cars that have been waxed using products that contain both wax and silicone. To insure that “Fish Eyes” are not a problem today professionals in the body shop industry perform the necessary preparation work required. The steps include using special degreasers, wax, and silicone removers that effectively remove these substances from the surface or alter the molecular structure to insure there are no problems. If professional painters today have a question or doubt about the surface to which new paint is going to be applied, painters will include a “Fish Eye” eliminator into the paint. This eliminator will insure a finish free from fish eyes. Typically Fish Eye eliminator is a special silicone additive.
The one thing all silicones have in common is they are completely inert. This means they do not react in either a negative or positive manner with any substance they come into contact with, including the paint on your car. Today there are many kinds of silicones available for use in car care products. The use of some types of silicone in a formula make the product easier to both apply and wipe-off. This reduces the effort required to apply and remove the product, which then helps to reduce the possibility of wipe-off inflicted scratches. This is a huge benefit to the user. Our product Snap Seal Waterless Car Wash & Wax is a super-secret formula that does not scratch the vehicles delicate surface because each application completely encapsulates dirt particles with a protective coating of wax. When you wipe the wax with a polishing cloth, a hard waxed surface remains, and it lasts and lasts.

How do I know that Snap Seal Waterless Wash & Wax really works like you say it does?
Our answer is simple. You just have to try it for yourself! If you are not satisfied, we will gladly refund your money in 30 days.
Snap Seal Waterless Wash & Wax brings space age technology to your driveway. Instantly you’ll transform a dirty, tired looking car to a showroom finish in a fraction of the time with much less effort. Forget how you used to wash your vehicle, now you’ll save both time and water! Snap Seal Waterless Car Wash & Wax is a new revolution that thoroughly cleans and waxes your entire vehicle in one easy step without water. There’s no need to wash your car first, so you avoid the mess and hassle of heavy buckets, sponges, scrubbing, and rinsing! Snap Seal is quick and simple, yet very effective. All you have to do is spray or wipe it on your dirty car. Then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Our super-secret formula does not scratch the delicate surface of your vehicle because it encapsulates dirt particles with a protective coating of wax. It even cleans the glass, chrome, & bumpers without streaking. When you wipe the wax with a polishing cloth, a hard wax surface remains, and it lasts and lasts! Snap Seal can be applied at any time in any way. Back and forth, up and down, circles, sideways – it doesn’t matter. It can be used in the sun or shade. Snap Seal cleans and cuts through dirt, grime, bug marks, road haze, and tar. It’s so simple, all you have to do is Spray, Wipe, & Buff! Snap Seal Waterless Car Wash & Wax cleans and polishes your car in a quarter of the time you are used to, which saves you time and will leave you smiling. It’s packaged for convenient use in 8 ounce pump spray bottles, 16 ounce bottles, and 32 ounce bottles. Snap Seal is also available in large commercial amounts. Our special formula can be used on Boats, Motorcycles, Trucks, RV’s, Cars, and more! It will remove paint over spray. Snap Seal even works great around the house. Use it on glossy painted surfaces, metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, gel coat, and ceramic tile. It’s also safe to use on gold, chrome, and silver plated ornaments or jewelry. It’s incredible how Snap Seal will change the way you clean your car and around your house. Our current customers say Snap Seal should be nominated for product of the year! It leaves such a brilliant, outstanding shine, you’ll never use any other product to clean your car again. It’s a great product at a great price. We think Snap Seal is the best product ever, and we highly recommend it to everyone. It’s so simple, just Spray, Wipe, and Smile!

What type of finish can High Glass Car Wax be used on?
ASI High Gloss Wax is specifically designed for use on today’s high-tech clear coat, acrylic and enamel finishes. It’s an easy-to-use product that will actually clean the surface of residual deposits of tar, grease, oil, and road grime while being used to wax the surface of the vehicle. ASI High Gloss Wax can also be used as a swirl remover, or to mask light scratches. This product makes for a great one step wax as it removes oxidation and other contaminants and leaves a nice long lasting shine in the process.

How it works….

Step 1. Wash heavy dirt and mud from your car, if bugs and road grime are present, they will be removed by ASI High Gloss Wax during cleaning.

Step 2. Apply small amounts of ASI High Gloss Wax to a clean, dry terry cloth. Rub mildly until product dries to a light haze. Using a clean, dry terry cloth rub mildly to remove the light haze to a shine. Avoid doing large sections and direct sunlight.

Step 3. If the shine is not to your satisfaction, continue rubbing mildly until the desired shine is achieved.

Step 4. Where swirls and light scratches appear, just reapply in that area and buff until imperfections disappear.

Repeat process approximately every 3 months. Your paint job now has a shine compared to none and is protected against ultraviolet radiation. ASI High Gloss Wax is 100% pure Carnauba Blend.

Which ASI Chemical product should I use on exterior plastic or vinyl?
Rubber and Trim Renew cleans, reconditions, and restores a variety of exterior hardware on your car. We at ASI are always busy testing new and better ways to retain that new car look, and with ASI Rubber & Trim Renew we’ve concluded that time and weather conditions – even driving conditions all take their toll on exterior surfaces, and trim often gets the worst of it. Even if your car is brand new now, you’ll want to keep it looking that way for years to come. Many trim surfaces are porous and tend to absorb the impurities they come in contact with. That’s why exterior trim can get a sunburned appearance. ASI Rubber & Trim Renew cleans and reconditions the surface, so it not only changes or improves the way the effected area looks, but it alters the way it feels. Leaving it softer, smoother, and more supple with long lasting moisturizers. It easily removes white residues, yellowing, and that awful brownish appearance on sunburned trims. ASI Rubber & Trim Renew does not leave behind a greasy residue that attracts dust and yellows over time, rather it revives that show-room quality sheen.

If it’s made of plastic or vinyl ASI Rubber & Trim Renew will breathe new life into it. Use ASI Rubber & Trim Renew on molding, louvers, bumpers, window trim, skirts, seals, door handles, wiper arms and any exterior vinyl or plastic surfaces. ASI Rubber & Trim Renew has been formulated for ease of application and great durability. Feel free to retreat surfaces as often as you would like, if you want to get or keep that classy sheen, try ASI Rubber & Trim Renew and enjoy a factory-new look for years to come. Use Rubber and Trim renew on Boats, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and more!

Does ASI Chemical make a product that can be used on Leather?

ASI Chemical Vinyl & Leather Conditioner restores the moisture vinyl and leather needs. ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner is a water-based cleaner & protector for all leather and vinyl types. ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner places an invisible, breathable barrier between you and your leather and vinyl. This way you are not actually cleaning the leather or vinyl’s original surface, but cleaning from the surface of the protection. Since some leathers and vinyl are very porous, the conditioner prevents stains from absorbing deeply into the leather or vinyl and becoming nearly impossible to remove easily.

ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner nourishes leather and vinyl with a rich formula of lanolin and natural oils. These oils quickly absorb into the hide leaving a non-greasy, satin finish that actually repels dirt and moisture. Used regularly, ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner will keep your car’s leather soft, lustrous and healthy. A subtle fragrance compliments the leather and vinyl’s natural aroma. ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner is not a dressing, it is a cleaner and conditioner that can be used on may types of leather. Usually, PROTECTED leathers and vinyl that have cracked or peeled is not from use, but from body oils and perspiration that have settled down into the grain of the leather or vinyl and started to dissolve the finish over time. ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner will assist in preventing the cracking & peeling and properly clean in combination with protecting. Simply apply the ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner to a soft cloth and wipe it on evenly, paying particular attention to high use areas like seats, and armrests. For ANILINE Leathers, it is best to apply the ASI Vinyl & Leather Conditioner twice to all the high use areas. Vinyl and Leather Conditioner can be used on auto upholstery, furniture, leather jackets, saddles, luggage and handbags, sports equipment, worn leather, and more.

Which ASI Chemical product should I use to keep my tires looking like new?

The ASI Chemical Tire Shine Solvent Based will give your tires a high satin sheen. ASI Tire Shine is the ultimate protection for your tires. It’s ready to use no mixing, no mess and leaves a gloss that rivals any dressing & provides a long lasting shine. ASI Tire Shine is a solvent based tire dressing that won’t leave stains on your driveway and won’t sling onto your car as you drive after dressing your tires. Tire Shine is long lasting and easy to apply using any sponge or rag.

Use on wet or dry auto, truck and tractor tires, and on other rubber surfaces such as bumpers, trim and mud flaps. ASI Tire Shine is formulated to provide a long-lasting shine that will complement great-looking wheels. Our special formula also limits residual spray or “sling” on paint and wheels. Just spray or wipe ASI Tire Shine onto your clean, dry tires. Allow Tire Shine time to penetrate for maximum shine and protection. Wipe off any excess with a clean, dry towel, reapply if higher gloss is desired. Use after each vehicle washing for constant maximum shine and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. ASI Tire Shine won’t “brown” your tires like other brands. ASI Tire Shine typically lasts for weeks on your tires but it’s not a paint. It’s clear, non-greasy, and doesn’t run or drip. Won’t harm wheels. Apply 1 coat for a dull satin finish, 2 coats for high gloss. In just 15 seconds per tire, get a dark, non-streaky, like-new appearance – with NO rubbing and NO dirty hands or mess. Use anytime, even on wet tires. Water based formula also available.

Can you please explain the features and benefits of your Car Wash Soap?

ASI Car Wash Soap is a safe, high foaming concentrated car soap. ASI Car Wash Soap will prep and clean your exterior paint. This soap should be used prior to waxing your vehicle. For tough cleaning jobs ASI Car Wash Soap will save you time. Directions: Use 1 to 2 oz per gallon. Wash thoroughly using a mitt. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

ASI Car Wash Soap is a highly foaming, concentrated blend of cleaning agents formulated for extra strength in washing all painted surfaces. ASI Car Wash Soap’s rich lather effectively floats away dirt from the surface of the vehicle without stripping the wax coating. As you wash, natural oils attach to released surface dirt, sand, and abrasive grit allowing them to slide off in the rinse water. ASI Car Wash Soap will not cause water spots and rinses to a glossy shine.

The foaming technology uses cleaners suspended in the bubble’s walls to scour away the toughest films and grime. This creates a powerful cleaning action, yet is friendly to the paint and to paint protectants. In addition to enhancing surface shine, ASI Car Wash Soap helps minimize washing swirls and improve water sheeting.

ASI Car Wash Soap begins working instantly in hot or cold water. The latest formulation in “wetting” technology has eliminated the problem of streaking. With ASI Car Wash Soap the surface tension of water is reduced by more than 65% making dust and dirt wash right off. With high wetting action and no emulsifying chemicals, very little wax is lost…even after repeated washings, leaving an excellent shine.

How long does it take before the Odor Free Odor Neutralizer begins to work?

ASI Odor Free Odor Neutralizer destroys odors using its powerful enzymes, usually with just one application. Most other deodorizers don’t destroy odors; they simply mask them or make your nose less sensitive to odors. The result is that the odors keep coming back and you have to spray again. Other enzyme-based deodorizers contain both the enzymes and the bacteria that produce them. The bacteria are “stressed” or starved to produce the enzymes. However, when the product is applied, the “stressed” bacteria get “fed”. They then stop producing the enzymes and the product stops working.

These other products often take repeated applications and up to two weeks to work. ASI Odor Free works in seconds and usually needs only one treatment. ASI Odor Free provides safe truly effective odor elimination at a competitive price. It’s safe for use around children and pets. ASI Odor Free was developed to combat airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals and health care facilities. Now it’s available for your home, car, office, and RV use. Odor Free is a unique product that cleans the air you breathe. It is proven to eliminate odors, unlike current fragrance products, that just mask odors. ASI Odor Free penetrates into the pores of fabric, rubber and even hard surfaces to eliminate odor naturally. The blend of unique enzymes and chemicals are fast, effective and completely safe for the environment, leaving only CO2 and water as by-products. This biodegradable formula can be used in kitchens, restrooms, laundry chutes, trash receptacles, pet areas, RV’s, Barns, Corrals, Paddocks, Public Transportation Vehicles, Boats, Automobiles, and any environment where bad odors occur.

How do I know the ASI All-Purpose Degreaser really works?

ASI All-Purpose Degreaser has proven more effective than other leading brands on tough, greased-stained surfaces. Just spray on, hose off and watch grease and grime disappear from your most difficult cleaning surfaces. This super-strength High Performance Cleaner & Degreaser cuts through ground in grease, dirt, road grime and tar. The proprietary formula saves time on tough cleaning jobs by penetrating fast and eliminating the need for extra scrubbing. The industrial strength formula dissolves grease and oil on contact for quick results. ASI All-Purpose Degreaser is great on asphalt, driveways, and other areas where oil stains are prevalent.

As one of the most powerful cleaner degreasers available, ASI All-Purpose Degreaser is also non-toxic and earth friendly. As part of our line of automotive products, ASI All-Purpose Degreaser is for professionals and conscientious car owners that need a powerful degreaser.

ASI All-Purpose Degreaser doesn’t require any special handling precautions. Consumers know that they are taking care of the environment as well as their car.

As one of the most concentrated, versatile cleaners on the market, ASI All-Purpose Degreaser is effective against more kinds of grease and soil. It is safe for more types of surfaces and materials than commercial cleaning products. ASI All-Purpose Degreaser works powerfully in all kinds of water and at all temperatures, and yet is environmentally safe and biodegradable. It is also safe on vinyl and upholstery. The All Purpose Degreaser will clean ground in stains. It can be used on boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, driveways, concrete, asphalt, oil stains, and more.