The Difference is Clear
Normal glass cleaners can streak and make a mess of your car's windows. Most just can't cut through the dirt and grime your car accumulates on its windows inside and out.

ASI Car Care Glass Cleaner is specially formulated for car, truck, and boat glass and windows. It cuts through tough dirt and road grime, as well as smoke film. Our exclusive formula contains no ammonia, so it won't stain delicate leathers or put spots on vinyl. It's also safe to use on all window tints, and will not fade or scratch.

Safe to use everywhere
Use ASI Car Care Glass cleaner to clean all glass surfaces inside and outside. It adds special sparkle, clarity, and brilliance to windows and mirrors alike. It even works on chrome and plastic lenses. Compare ASI glass cleaner with the rest and you'll see why "The Difference is Clear".

*mock up bottle - actual bottle may differ*

Product Sizes & Availability
 * 21 Ounce Spray Bottles
 * ASI Car Care Glass cleaner is available now.
Product Features
 * Streak-free sparkle and shine
 * Unsurpassed clarity and brilliance
 * Safe to use on interior and exterior glass
 * Also works great on plastic and chrome surfaces
 * Non ammoniated formula won't stain leather
 * Safe for use on all window tints - will not scratch or fade