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The following Environmental Study (July 2007**) references the "user friendly and environmental safety" associated with the following ASI Chemical Products:
- Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Spray and Clean) (141),
- Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (122),
- Tire Shine Water Base (Tire & Trim) (120)
- Bumper & Trim (123)
- Odor free (150)
- Metal Polish (160)
- Car Wash (130)
- High Gloss (102)
- Snap Seal (Spray and Shine) (101)
- Flat Free (100)

1. Must be free of any known human carcinogens, mutagens or teratogens
Contains no known or suspected carcinogen, mutates, teratogens.

2. Must not contain compounds or substances, which cause or contribute to the creation of atmospheric greenhouse gases, ground level smog or ozone depletion
Does not contain any fluorinated or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

3. Must not be corrosive to skin or inanimate surfaces.
The pH is not considered corrosive to skin or inanimate objects.

4. Must not be delivered in single use aerosol cans or cans using ozone depleting propellants
It is not delivered in single use cans or harmful ozone depleting propellant aerosols.

5. Must not contain heavy metals (such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.) that are toxic to humans, animal life or the environment
Does not contain any heavy metals.

6. Must not contain petroleum distillates unless no natural alternative is available, and then only if the distillate meets the human safety and environmental profile outlined herein.
Distillate meets the human safety and environmental profile for user friendly petroleum-based hydrocarbons.

7. Should not be combustible below 150F
There is no flash point up to 150F.

8. Must not contain chlorine, chlorinated or brominated solvents
Does not contain any of those compounds.

9. Must not contain compounds that persist or bio-accumulate in human or animal tissue or in the environment
Does not contain any of those compounds.

10. Must not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) at levels exceeding the limits established by the USEPA, Florida or California Air Quality Management District Resources Board for the applicable product categories. Products must not be listed on the hazardous air pollutants list of the Environmental Protection Agency
The product is VOC compliant.

11. Should be readily biodegradable at greater than 90% in thirty days without the need of being run through a municipal effluent treatment process. If not biodegradable due to inorganic content the ingredient must be chemically inert.
The product is biodegradable and or chemically inert after application.

12. Should be obtained or derived from replenishable natural (plant) sources wherever possible
Yes (Proprietary Sources).

13. Should be as concentrated as possible to green the supply chain
The product is ready to use.

14. Products should be capable of being dispensed through automatic systems in order to reduce user and environmental contact
It is a consumer use product.

15. Should have a pH level between 4 and 9 wherever possible
The pH level is 4.0 - 8.4 and generally is 7.0 -7.8 pH (non-corrosive).

Anthony M. Malatino, Chemist, CHMS, an Independent Consultant Contractor
**July 25, 2007 ………..Advanced Certified Environmental, LLC…………..